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Share Your Best Kubotan Techniques with us. We are constantly on the lookout for fresh, original kubotan self defense techniques to share with our readers.

We have made it our mission to provide our readers with new perspectives and kubotan training content that will inform, inspire, improve and engage their current self defense training with the kubotan.

Best Flat Kubotan with KeysIf you are interested in sharing your training ideas with our website, we’d truly enjoy and love hearing from you!

We are aggressively searching for new and creative talent to join the Kubotan Techniques website.  Each article post must be about kubotan training, featuring the best kubotan techniques.

It can be your personal kubotan training experience, a video review, a kubotan news item, your opinion, etc. This can be a long term commitment or simply a one time shot, everyone is welcome and anybody can contribute to the content that we provide on the our site.

Writing for us is an awesome opportunity and can be used to grow your own following, feed into your own blog or it can simply be used as an outlet for you to get published online.

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Writing for is not only a great way to share your thoughts and training, but is also a great way to grow your own following.

Each post you make on will includes an author bio that is designed to give the reader more information about you the contributor as well as the chance to promote your own website, blog or kubotan training projects.

Best Kubotan with Ridges

Here is a perfect opportunity for you to contribute to a community of like-minded warriors and put your own writing skills and self defense kubotan training in front of an ever growing audience.

We will share your article here on our site, via twitter, via facebook, and everywhere else our training content reaches.

Offering others an opportunity to write for us provides our readers with fresh kubotan training techniques and self defense content from different perspectives. Giving you, the contributor, a new group of eyes and ears to share your best kubotan training with..

Ready to share your best kubotan training technique information with us?

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